Packard Bell laptop charger 19v 3.42a 2.5pin

Product Code: PB1
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: PB1
Stock Status: In Stock
Packard Bell laptop charger specification:
Power: 65w
Input: AC 100-240v
Output: DC 19v 3.42a
Pin size: 5.5mm * 2.5mm
Condition: Brand new genuine
Warranty: 12 months
Contents: Genuine charger unit and power lead
Packard Bell Laptop charger compatible laptops:
This charger is for the old type Packard Bell laptops which and has the charger tip which is 2.5mm in diameter, if you need the recent Packard Bell 19v 3.42a charger which has a diameter of 1.5mm-1.7mm then this is the charger charger you need. 

If your Packard Bell laptop is not listed above then please check the Specification of your old or broken laptop charger and look at the voltage and Amp specification and check it matches against the output at the top of the page, which reads Packard Bell 19V 3.42A laptop charger. This model of Packard bell 19v ac adapter also fits the 19v 3.16a chargers also.
Are you still unsure this charger fits your Packard Bell?
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Packard Bell ac adapters are commonly used with many other leading manufacturers also as the connector pin design used in Packard Bell notebooks is a popular connector for ac adapters and quite a robust connection. All the power adapters supplied will be the technical spec need to aid in powering your laptop and charging the battery also.
This is a genuine laptop charger made for Packard Bell by either Liteon or Delta.
All brand new Packard Bell laptop chargers come complete with power cable plug. Overseas orders a Euro plug will be sent.
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