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Older Asus Z series chargers

Just click your Asus Z series notebook charger model below; this will then take you to the correct Asus charger page, if your model is not listed then check the Asus laptop chargers by specification list at the bottom of the page and match the voltage and amp against the charger for Asus laptop you currently use. All Asus Z series laptop ac adapters come complete with the battery charging unit and the mains cable plug and if you order before 3pm it will be sent on next day delivery. Allowing the smallest amount of down time for your notebook
Ac adapters for Asus Z series notebooks:
Asus Z1000 Chargers series
Asus Z1000
Asus Z1B
Asus Z1F
Asus Z2000 series
Asus Z2A
Asus Z2B
Asus Z3000 series
Asus Z30N
Asus Z31N
Asus Z33 series
Asus Z33A
Asus Z33N
Asus Z35 Chargers series
Asus Z35A
Asus Z35F
Asus Z35Fm
Asus Z35H
Asus Z35HL
Asus Z35L
Asus Z37 Chargers series
Asus Z37A
Asus Z37E
Asus Z37Ep
Asus Z37S
Asus Z37Sp
Asus Z37V
Asus Z52 Chargers series
Asus Z52F
Asus Z52Hf
Asus Z52J
Asus Z52Je
Asus Z53 Chargers series
Asus Z53E
Asus Z53F
Asus Z53H
Asus Z53Ja
Asus Z53Jc
Asus Z53Jm
Asus Z53Jp
Asus Z53Jr
Asus Z53Jv
Asus Z53L
Asus Z53M
Asus Z53P
Asus Z53Sc
Asus Z53T
Asus Z53Tc
Asus Z53U
Asus Z6000 Chargers series
Asus Z60Np
Asus Z61 Chargers series
Asus Z61A
Asus Z61Ae
Asus Z62 Chargers series
Asus Z62E
Asus Z62Ep
Asus Z62F
Asus Z62Fm
Asus Z62Fp
Asus Z62H
Asus Z62Ha
Asus Z62J
Asus Z62Jm
Asus Z63 Chargers series
Asus Z63A
Asus Z65 Chargers series
Asus Z65H
Asus Z65R
Asus Z7000 Chargers series
Asus Z70A
Asus Z70N
Asus Z70Ne
Asus Z70V
Asus Z70Va
Asus Z7100 Chargers series
Asus Z71A
Asus Z71V
Asus Z8000 Chargers series
Asus Z80D
Asus Z80DC
Asus Z80G
Asus Z80H
Asus Z80K
Asus Z80L
Asus Z80S
Asus Z80T
Asus Z8100 Chargers series
Asus Z81D
Asus Z81G
Asus Z81K
Asus Z81Ka
Asus Z81L
Asus Z81S
Asus Z81Sp
Asus Z8200 Chargers series
Asus Z82N
Asus Z83 Chargers series
Asus Z83C
Asus Z83D
Asus Z83F
Asus Z83J
Asus Z83K
Asus Z83M
Asus Z83Sv
Asus Z83T
Asus Z83U
Asus Z83V
Asus Z84 Chargers series
Asus Z84F
Asus Z84Fm
Asus Z84J
Asus Z9000 Chargers series
Asus Z90R
Asus Z9100 Chargers series
Asus Z91A
Asus Z91Ac
Asus Z91E
Asus Z91ER
Asus Z91F
Asus Z91Fc
Asus Z91Fp
Asus Z91FR
Asus Z91G
Asus Z91H
Asus Z91Hf
Asus Z91L
Asus Z91N
Asus Z91V
Asus Z91Vc
Asus Z9200 Chargers series
Asus Z92F
Asus Z92G
Asus Z92Ga
Asus Z92J
Asus Z92Ja
Asus Z92Jc
Asus Z92Je
Asus Z92Jm
Asus Z92K
Asus Z92Km
Asus Z92Kt
Asus Z92L
Asus Z92M
Asus Z92Ne
Asus Z92R
Asus Z92Rp
Asus Z92T
Asus Z92Tc
Asus Z92U
Asus Z92V
Asus Z92Va
Asus Z92Vc
Asus Z92Vm
Asus Z93 Chargers series
Asus Z93E
Asus Z94 Chargers series
Asus Z94G
Asus Z94L
Asus Z94Rp
Asus Z96 Chargers series
Asus Z96F
Asus Z96Fm
Asus Z96H
Asus Z96Hm
Asus Z96J
Asus Z96Jm
Asus Z96Jp
Asus Z96Js
Asus Z96S
Asus Z96Sp
Asus Z97 Chargers series
Asus Z97V
Asus Z99 Chargers series
Asus Z99Dc
Asus Z99E
Asus Z99F
Asus Z99Fm
Asus Z99H
Asus Z99He
Asus Z99Ja
Asus Z99Jc
Asus Z99Je
Asus Z99Jm
Asus Z99Jn
Asus Z99Jr
Asus Z99Le
Asus Z99M
Asus Z99N
Asus Z99Sc
Asus Z99Se
Asus Z99Sg
Asus Z99Sr
Asus Z99Tc
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Asus 19v 3.42a laptop charger
Asus 19v 4.74a laptop charger
Asus 19v 6.32a laptop charger
Asus Eee pc chargers by output ratings
Asus 9.5v 2.315a netbook charger
Asus 9.5v 3.5a netbook charger
Asus 12v 3a netbook charger
Asus 19v 2.1a netbook charger
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Older Asus Z series chargers