Msi Summit MS-1594 charger

Product Code: MSI24
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: MSI24
Stock Status: In Stock

Msi Summit MS-1594 charger, has 150w of power and outputs at 20v 7.5a with a connector tip size that measures 4.5mm outside diameter and 2.9mm inside diameter and has a pin located in the centre of its barrel, this is unique to Msi (Micro-star international) below includes both the Msi Summit MS-1594 ac adapter and charging unit.

Msi Summit MS-1594 laptop charger specification: 
Power output: 20v 7.5a
Ac adapter power: 150w
Power input: 100-240v
Tip type/size: 4.5phi Barrel with centre pin
Outer diameter: 4.5mm
Inner diameter: 2.9mm
Msi charger part numbers: S93-0404630-D04, S93-0404660-C54, S93-0404660-MSK, S93-0404661-C54, A18-150P1A, A150A039P more to follow.
Msi Ac adapter warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Msi Summit MS-1594 charger and power cord.

  • Key points of this Msi Summit MS-1594 notebook charger
  • UK supplier, with stock in the UK
  • Next day delivery available
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Free mains power cable with plug
  • Connector size 4.5mm x 2.9mm
  • 12 months warranty as standard 
  • Genuine Msi Summit MS-1594 charger 150w

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If you order the Msi Summit MS-1594 ac adapter from outside the UK, we will send your countries correct power cord.

If you need one of the higher specifications of Msi power adapters, please find below.

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    4.5mm x 2.9mm (pin in centre)
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