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Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Chargers

Find and buy the highest quality original Microsoft Surface Pro laptop chargers when you visit our site at Coywood Computers.

What is the Surface Pro?

Originally called the Surface for Windows 8, the Microsoft Surface Pro was the first sold in non-EU countries in February 2013 and May 2013 here in the UK. Due to its ever-increasing popularity, it is likely that more versions will follow from the existing Surface products already selling in the industry today.

The innovative features of a Surface Pro laptop charger.

Along with a very high resolution and turbo featuring CPU came a new style of charging connector. With the magnetic, five-point contact location, this allowed for a more modern and easy way to charge your device without need to worry about dealing with the connector.

The adapters came as model 1536 and not only allowed you to charge your Surface Pro laptop, but also had two USB ports for charging multi devices such as phones, iPods and anything capable of charging through a 5v USB.

This Surface pro charger was so successful and liked by the consumer that they even kept it for the Microsoft surface pro 2 which was launched later and with higher specifications than the original.  

Why to purchase your chosen Surface Pro laptop charger from Coywood Computers.

Whether you’re a Microsoft surface laptop user for home or business, there is little to doubt about the easy portability, lightweight design and impressive specifications of the Surface Pro and its latest models. Don’t wait to take a look through our online store and make a purchase for your own Microsoft Surface Pro laptop charger.