Microsoft 5V 3A charger TypeC 15w USB-C Plug

Product Code: MST11
Stock Status: Sold Out
Product Code: MST11
Stock Status: Sold Out
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Microsoft USB-C charger 5V 3A TypeC 15w Plug  

Genuine Microsoft USB-C charger, runs at 5V 3A and has the USB-C connector also known as USB type C, this is the new style plug from Microsoft, with connection cable connected directly to the 15W plug and has the USB-C connection on the end, so no need to buy additional cables with this purchase, fits a wide range of devices that support 5V 3A USB type C charge 

Genuine Microsoft 5V 3A power supply charger specification:
Power: 15W
Output: 5V 3A
Input 100-240v
Connector type: USB-C / USB type C
Contents: Microsoft USB-C charger 15V 3A
Style: New style Compact Microsoft Compaq plug
Microsoft model: 150576-11
  • Key points of the Genuine Microsoft USB-C power supply
  • Fits Many USB-C charging models
  • Slim space saving plug
  • UK supplier with Uk stock
  • USB-C / Type C connector
  • Original Microsoft 5V 3A charger
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