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Li shin 0225a2040 laptop charger 20v 2a msi wind u100

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Product Code : LISHIN101
Product Brand : LISHIN
Product Condition:   New
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If your Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger is lost, Or your Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger has malfunctioned, Or you need a second Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger to keep at home or in the office then check the spec of the Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger, The Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger fits a wide range of Msi Wind laptops, If you are unsure whether the Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger will fit your laptop please email us on and we can check if the Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger fits, If it does not fit you Li Shin Msi Wind laptop then we can let you know which laptop charger will fit your Msi Wind laptop or any brand of laptop as the Li Shin Msi Wind laptop charger also fits other brands of laptops. 

Advent laptop charger specification:

Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 ac charger adapter Input Voltage Range AC: 110v-240v
Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 laptop charger Output Voltage Range DC : 20V
Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 netbook charger Output Current A : 2A 
Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040t netbook mains adapter Power W : 65 Watt 

Msi Wind laptop charger 0225a2040 condition: Brand genuine Lishin, Delta, lenovo, liteon 20v 2a charger

Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 charger tip size 5.5*2.5

Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 laptop charger compatible part numbers:

0225a2040, 41r4441,45k2200

Li Shin Msi Wind replacement charger compatible Laptops:

Advent minis

Li Shin Msi Wind 0225a2040 ac adapter includes free power cable


MSI Wind 10" notebook / netbook (pink, Blue, Black, white)
MSI Wind NB10051 10"(Pink)
MSI Wind NB10052 10"
MSI Wind NB10053 10"
MSI Wind NB10059 10"
MSI Wind NB10060 10"
MSI Wind U100 10" Pink
MSI Wind U100-002US
MSI Wind U100-016US
MSI Wind U100-030US
MSI Wind U100-043US
MSI Wind U100-053US
MSI Wind U100-244
MSI Wind U100-279US
MSI Wind U100-280US
MSI Wind U100-411US
MSI Wind U100-420US
MSI Wind U100-432US
MSI Wind U100-439US
MSI Wind U100-451US
MSI Wind U100-641US
MSI Wind U100-1616NXP
MSI Wind U100-1616XP
MSI Wind U100-1618XP
MSI Wind U115
MSI Wind U120-001US
MSI Wind U120-020US
MSI Wind U120-024US



MSI U100




Wide range of medions including Medion Akoya Mini E1210

Advent 4211

Order the Li shin laptop charger ac adapter mains power cable before 3pm and the laptop ac adapter will be shipped out same day and you will receive your new ac adapter charger for your laptop the next day.