Lenovo ThinkBook 13s charger 65W slim tip

Product Code: L6.
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: L6.
Stock Status: In Stock
This is an original genuine Lenovo ThinkBook 13s charger, with 65w of power, outputting 20v 3.25a and using the slim tip for charging and includes both ac adapter and power cord.

Genuine Lenovo ThinkBook 13s charger specification:
Ac adapter Power: 65w
Power output: 20v 3.25a
Power input: 100-240v
Tip pin size: Lenovos rectangle tip with pin in the centre (Known as slim tip)
(Looks similar to USB, but with a pin inside centre)
Lenovo compatible part number: 0A36262, 0B47459, 0B47484, 01FR050, 45N0253, 45N0254, 45N0257, 45N0495, 45N0359, 45N0489, 36200250, 36200291, 36200351, 42T4419, 5A10J75114, ADLX65NLC3A, ADLX65NCC3A, ADLX65SLC2A, PA-1650-72, SA10M42777 and many more
Lenovo Ac adapter warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Lenovo ThinkBook 13s charger 65W, service, support and warranty card and power cord, suitable for your countries power outlet.
  • Key points of this Lenovo ThinkBook 13s notebook charger
  • Lenovos rectangle style tip
  • Fits many different models within Lenovo series
  • UK supplier with stock in the UK
  • Next day delivery available
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Free power cord cable for countries destination
  • 12 months warranty as standard
  • Genuine Lenovo 65w laptop charger
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This is a genuine original Lenovo ThinkBook 13s charger and is supplied as per picture in a Lenovo branded box, along with service, support and warranty information and if you order from outside the UK, we will send your countries correct power cord.

Also the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s can use a 45w charger also for the lower specification models within this series, this charger will work with all the smaller models, if unsure which you need either contact us or check underneath your Lenovo ThinkBook 13s for the input or check on your old or broken Lenovo ThinkBook 13s ac adapter for output and match this to the one listed here that is 20v 3.25a (65w) or the one below which is 20v 2.25a (45w) however this version of charger will fit all the smaller models also.

  • Voltage:
  • Amps:
  • Voltage:
  • Connector type:
    Rectangle with pin in centre
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