Lenovo Miix tablet 12v 1.5a charger 18w

Product Code: L19
Stock Status: Sold Out
Product Code: L19
Stock Status: Sold Out
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Genuine Lenovo Miix 12v 1.5a charger is supplied with original Lenovo plug which has a combined lead with small pin connector on the end that will connect to the charging port of your Lenovo Mixx 12v 1.5a tablet and allow you to charge your tablet computer or simply power on and allow you to use your tablet, while also charging.
Genuine Lenovo Miix 12v 1.5a Tablet charger specification:
Ac adapter Power: 18w
Power output: 12v 1.5a
Power input: 100-240v
Tip pin size: 3.0*1.0
Lenovo part number: ADP-18AW D, 36200383
Compatible part numbers: 36200380, 36200381, 36200382, 36200383, 36200385, 36200386, 36200386, 36200387, 36200388, 36200552, 36200553, 36200554, 36200555, 36200556, 36200557, 36200558, 36200559, 36200560, ADP-18AW BC, ADP-18AW CC, ADP-18AW DC, ADP-18AW GC, ADP-18AW HC, ADP-18AW JC, ADP-18FW AA.
Lenovo Ac adapter warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Lenovo Miix 12v 1.5a Tablet charger & plug
  • Key points of this Lenovo Miix 12v 1.5a Tablet notebook charger
  • Lenovo’s very small thin tip
  • UK supplier with UK stock
  • Next day delivery on orders before 3pm
  • Plug is combined with power lead
  • 12 months warranty as standard
  • Genuine Lenovo 18w laptop charger
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