Lenovo 00HM664 charger

Product Code: L24.
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: L24.
Stock Status: In Stock

Original Lenovo 00HM664 charger, has 45w of power and has the fast charging USB type C connector and charges Lenovo laptops, chromebooks, tablets and many other devices that support up to 45w of power.

Genuine Lenovo 00HM664 charger specification:
Lenovo part number: 00HM664
Ac adapter Power: 45w
Power output: 20V 2.25A / 15V 3A / 9V 2A / 5V 2A
Power input: 100-240v
Connector tip: USB-C (USB Type C)
Lenovo Ac adapter warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Lenovo 00HM664 45w USB-C charger, power cord, service, support, warranty information and Lenovo barcoded box.

  • Key points of this Lenovo 00HM664 notebook charger
  • USB-C connector (known as USB type C)
  • Fits Lenovo laptops, notebooks & tablets
  • UK supplier with stock in the UK
  • Next day delivery available
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Your countries power cord included free
  • 12 months warranty as standard
  • Genuine Lenovo 00HM664 USB-C ac adapter

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Lenovo 00HM664 compatible part numbers: 4X20M26256, ADLX45YCC3D, ADLX45YCC3A , ADLX45YAC3A, ADLX45YDC3D, SA10R16864, 02DL118, SA10E75821, SA10E75839, SA10E75840, SA10E75841, SA10E75842, SA10E75843, SA10E75844, SA10E75845, SA10M33909, SA18C15460, SA18C15461, 5A10K34721, 5A10K34718, 5A10K34723, SA10M39910, 5A10K34711, 5A10K34727, 5A10K34729, 5A10K34704, 5A10K34708, 5A10K34705, 5A10K34709, 5A10K34713, SA10M39909, 5A10K34717, 5A10K34730, 5A10K34707, 5A10K34710, 5A10K34714, 5A10K34722, ADLX45UDCC2A , ADLX45UDCG2A, ADLX45UDCK2A, ADLX45UDCI2A, ADLX45UDCU2A, ADLX45UDCR2A,  ADLX45UDCA2A, ADLX45UDCE2A, ADLX45UDCB2A, ADLX45ULCC2A, ADLX45ULCG2A, ADLX45ULCU2A, ADLX45ULCK2A, ADLX45ULCI2A, ADLX45ULCR2A, ADLX45ULCA2A, ADLX45ULCE2A, ADLX45ULCB2A, ADLX45UCCC2A, ADLX45YCC2A, 00HM665, 01FR033, 00HM643, 00HM664, SA10R16868 and more to follow.

This is a genuine original Lenovo 00HM664 charger and is supplied as per picture in a Lenovo branded box, along with service, support and warranty information and if you order from outside the UK, we will send your countries correct power cord.

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  • Connector type:
    USB-C / USB type C
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