Hp Pavilion 15 car charger for 90w 65w 45w

Product Code: CARHP1
Stock Status: Sold Out
Product Code: CARHP1
Stock Status: Sold Out
Sorry, this item is out of stock, Please email sales@coywood.com if you would like to be contacted when this items comes back in stock
Hp 90w car charger specification:
Input: 12v-24V
Output: 19.5v~2.05a/3.33a/3.34a/3.9a/4.62a/4.7a
Laptop connector type: 4.5mm * 3.0mm (blue with pin in centre)
Power connector type: 12v cigarette lighter socket
(Also known as the 12v Auxiliary socket used in caravans and motorhomes)
2x USB port: 1x 5V 2.4A max
Cable length: 1.8m
Colour: Black
Condition: Brand new
Warranty: 12mths
Model: AUTH90 USB
This Hp 90w car charging unit fits HP notebooks that require 90w of power or less, this includes the likes of the 65w and 45w or in Voltage and amp terms. It fits the 19.5v 4.62a, 19.5v 3.33a and 19.5v 2.31a
Hp supported laptop charger numbers that can use this car adapter are as follows:
741727-001, PA-1450-32HE, NSTNN-LA35, 719309-001, 714657-001, 710412-001, 709985-002, 709985-001, A065R07DL, 710412-001, 677770-002, 613149-001, 710414-001, 710413-001, 463553-004, 463955-001 and many more
This is the new line of Hp blue tip chargers, please check picture as this a new power adapter tip and its smaller than the normal Hp chargers and is blue in colour and has a pin in the centre of barrel, this can be seen clearly on the picture taken of this charger, if unsure contact us phone of email
·         Key points of this Hp Car charger
·         Fits wide range of Hp notebooks
·         Brand new out in 2013
·         Next day delivery on orders before 3pm
·         12 months warranty as standard
·         New small blue barrel with pin in centre 
Some of the models known to fit this car charger are below, but with this being Hp’s new thin style charger, more will soon follow.
Hp EliteBook Folio 1040 G1
Hp Envy 15z-j100
Hp 15  charge
Hp 15-e006ea 
Hp 15-e006sa 
Hp 15-e008sa 
Hp 15-e008ea 
Hp 15-e009ea 
Hp 15-e009sa 
Hp 15-e010sa 
Hp 15-e011sa 
Hp 15-e012sa 
Hp 15-e013sa 
Hp 15-e014sa 
Hp 15-e020sa 
Hp 15-e021sa 
Hp 15-e022sa 
Hp 15-e026sa 
Hp 15-e027sa 
Hp 15-e028sa 
Hp 15-e031sa 
Hp 15-e030ea 
Hp 15-e033ea 
Hp 15-e034ea 
Hp 15-e034sa 
Hp 15-e036sa 
Hp 15-e041sa 
Hp 15-e042sa 
Hp 15-e043sa 
Hp 15-e044sa 
Hp 15-e045sa 
Hp 15-e046sa 
Hp 15-e047sa 
Hp 15-e050sa 
Hp 15-e050ea 
Hp 15-e054sa 
Hp 15-e056sa 
Hp 15-e070sa 
Hp 15-e072sa 
Hp 15-e072ea 
Hp 15-e073ea 
Hp 15-e078ea 
Hp 15-e078sa 
Hp 15-e073sa 
Hp 15-e081sa 
Hp 15-e081ea 
Hp 15-e090ea 
Hp 15-e092ea 
Hp 15-e092sa 
Hp 15-e096sa 
Hp 15-e097sa 
Hp 15-n005sa 
Hp 15-n006sa 
Hp 15-n014sa 
Hp 15-n018ea 
Hp 15-n018sa 
Hp 15-n026sa 
Hp 15-n030sa 
Hp 15-n031ea 
Hp 15-n032ea 
Hp 15-n032sa 
Hp 15-n033sa 
Hp 15-n034ea 
Hp 15-n083ea 
Hp 15-n083sa 
Hp 15-n096ea 
Hp 15-n096sa 
Hp 15-n097ea 
Hp 15-n097sa 
Hp 15-n098sa 
Hp 15-n098ea 
Hp 15-n031sa 
Hp 15-n033ea 
Hp 15-n034sa 
Hp 15-n039ea 
Hp 15-n040ea 
Hp 15-n041ea 
Hp 15-n042sa 
Hp 15-n270sa 
Hp 15-n270ea 
Hp 15-n271ea 
Hp 17-e031sa 
Hp 17-e032sa 
Hp 17-e042sa 
Hp 17-e101sa 
Hp 17-e105sa 
Hp 17-e153sa 
Hp 17-e153ea 
Hp Envy TouchSmart 15
Hp 10 TouchSmart
Hp 11 TouchSmart
Hp 11 X2 PC
Hp Split 13 X2 PC
Hp X360 
Hp 11-n000ea X360
Hp 11-n000sa X360
Hp 11-n001sa X360 
Hp 11-n001ea X360
Hp 11-n010ea X360
Hp 11-n011ea X360
Hp home 15 
Hp 15-d051ea 
Hp 15-d051sa 
Hp 240 G2
Hp 240 G3
Hp 242 G1
Hp 242 G2
Hp 245 G3
Hp 248 G1
Hp 250 G2
Hp 255 G2
Hp 250 G3
Hp 255 G3
Hp 256 G3
Hp 340 G1
Hp 345 G2
Hp 350 G1
Hp 355 G2
Hp 15-n038sa
Hp 15-n229sa
Hp 15-n268ea
Hp 15-n268sa
Hp 15-n274sa
Hp 710414-001
Hp 710413-001
Hp 709986-001
Hp 15-n203sa 
Hp 15-n204sa 
Hp 15-n205sa 
Hp 15-n206sa 
Hp 15-n208sa 
Hp 15-n209sa 
Hp 15-n217sa 
Hp 15-n219sa 
Hp 15-n220sa 
Hp 15-n221sa 
Hp 15-n222sa 
Hp 15-n223sa 
Hp 15-n224sa 
Hp 15-n234sa 
Hp 15-n235sa 
Hp 15-n240sa 
Hp 15-n243sa 
Hp 15-n244sa 
Hp 15-n245sa 
Hp 15-n246sa 
Hp 15-n247sa 
Hp 15-n266sa 
Hp 15-n266ea 
Hp 15-n276ea 
Hp 15-n276sa 
Hp 15-n267sa 
Hp 15-n267ea 
Hp 15-n278ea 
Hp 15-n278sa 
Hp 15-n290sa 
Hp 15-n290ea 
Hp 15-n297ea 
Hp 15-n297sa 
Hp 15-n298sa 
Hp 15-n298ea 
Hp 15-n299ea 
Hp 15-n299sa 
Hp 15-n01sa 
Hp X360 
Hp 11 X360
Hp home 15 
Hp 15-g000na
Hp 15 TouchSmart
Hp 15-g005na
Hp 15-g013na
Hp 15-g092na
Hp 15-g092sa
Hp 15-g093na
Hp 15-g093sa
Hp 15-g094na
Hp 15-g094sa
Hp 15-r000na
Hp 15-r001na
Hp 15-r005na
Hp 15-r012na
Hp 15-r018na
Hp 15-r022na
Hp 15-r023na
Hp 15-r024na
Hp 15-r026na
Hp 15-r027na
Hp 15-r029na
Hp 15-r030na
Hp 15-r031na
Hp 15-r033na
Hp 15-r034na
Hp 15-r040na
Hp 15-r025na
Hp 15-r032na
Many more models supported also, such as Hp Pavilion 17. It just needs to be 19.5v 4.62a (90w) or less in power and have the small connector as shown in the picture which has a pin located in the centre.
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