Hp 613153-001 charger

Product Code: H1
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: H1
Stock Status: In Stock
Genuine Hp 613153-001 notebook PC charger is an original Hewlett Packard ac adapter, due to Hp having such a massive range of ac adapter part numbers when this version is obsolete or unavailable, we will send an equivalent part number which will be a genuine Hp power lead that is identical to the picture on this listing and will have the exact same specification, which is 19v 4.74a, 90w and have the same laptop connector size and type, which has a pin in the centre of its barrel. If you would like more information then email us or you can.
Genuine Hp 613153-001 laptop charger specification:
Part number: 613153-001
Output power: 19v 4.74a
Charger wattage: 90w
Input power: 100-240v
Pin tip types & size: 7.4mm * 5mm (pin in centre)
Hp 613153-001 laptop charger p/n: 609940-001, 609947-001, 693713-001, 693712-001, 613153-001, 613160-001, 463955-001, 535593-001, pa-1900-32ht, pa-1900-18h2, 384021-001, 608428-001, and many more
Warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Hp 613153-001 charger with power cable lead and plug.
  • Key points of this Hp 613153-001 charger
  • Fits Wide range of HP laptops
  • True 90w power delivered
  • Supports Hp notebooks that are supplied with 65w & 90w adapters
  • Fits Hp 613153-001 notebook pc
  • Next day delivery on orders before 3pm
  • Free power cable mains adapter plug
  • 12 months warranty as standard
  • Genuine Hp 613153-001 charger
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 All Hp 613153-001 laptop chargers are genuine and when ordered before 3pm are shipped same day on next day delivery. A UK 3 pin plug power cable is sent with all orders of the Hp 613153-001 laptop charger and a European plug will be sent to European buyers
  • wattage:
  • Connector type:
    Large barrel (7.4mm x 5mm with pin in centre)
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