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Fujitsu M Chargers

Just click your Fujitsu laptop model below; this will then take you to the correct Fujitsu charger page. If your Fujitsu laptop model is not listed then check the Fujitsu charger model number or Fujitsu laptop charger output rating at the bottom of the page. If you match either of these it will take you to the correct Fujitsu charger also.


Fujitsu charger for M series notebooks

Fujitsu M1010

Fujitsu M2010


Fujitsu laptop charger by output rating:

Fujitsu 16v 3.75a charger

Fujitsu 19v 3.42a charger

Fujitsu 19v 4.22a charger

Fujitsu 19v 4.74a charger

Fujitsu 20v 2a charger

Fujitsu 20v 3.25 charger

Fujitsu 20v 4.5a charger

Fujitsu 20v 6a charger

Fujitsu 20v 8a charger


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0202A209055y9374, 55y9376, 0335A2065, 0335C2065, 12-01793-01, 25.10180.071, 76-01B651-5A, ADP-65HB AD, ADP-65HB BD, ADP-90SB AD, CA1007-0920, CA01007-0890, CA01007-0920, CA01007-0930, CA01007-0960, CP145081-01, FPCAC33, CP145081-01, FPCAC33AP, FMV-AC314,  FMV-AC314, FMV-AC315S, FMV-AC14,  F1454A, F1781A, F4813A, F4814A, FPCAC25, FPCAC26, FPCAC33, FPCAC33AP, FPCAC34, LSE0202A2090, OP-520-63001, OP-520-67501, PA-1600-02, PA-1650-00, PA-1161-02, PA-1900-15C2, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3165U-1ACA, S26113-E518-V55,