Frequently Asked Questions

Are your laptop chargers all genuine?

As stated on our product pages our adapters are all genuine and are authentic manufacturer products.

Is all your stock sent from the UK and are you in the UK?

Absolutely, we are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and hold all our stock on site. Therefore all items will be sent the same working day if orders are made before 3pm. We are also a Retail store so all of or AC Adapters can also be bought directly from our Scarborough based store.

Do your items come with any warranty?

All of our items are covered under a full 12 month Warranty directly with ourselves. Should your item develop a fault within the first 12 months then please check the RMA page

How do I find the correct charger for my laptop on your website?

We try our best to keep up to date with all current models of laptop chargers therefore, simply type your laptop model number into the search box on the top of our page and the correct charger should be shown, most laptop model numbers are located underneath the bottom of your machine and for example an Asus laptop underneath would display: Model: Asus X453MA-WX024H. whereas a Dell would display: Dell Latitude 13 7350

If you cannot find your model then please give us a call on 01723 377077 or email us on

Do I need to find the exact part number of my current charger?

Part numbers can be confusing, some manufacturers use a few part numbers for the same charger, other can have more than 50 part numbers for the same charger, we do try and list every part number available, although this can be extremely difficult with new ones being release weekly at times.

You can use the search box at the top and search for the charger by part number, once you have located the charger, do check the specification of the connector pin size, this is due to the fact that companies like Asus, may use the same part number for 3 different chargers and for example the Asus 19v 2.37a chargers uses 3 different connector tip sizes, yet uses the exact same part number, if unsure just search by laptop model instead or contact us

Can I use a higher wattage charger than my original one?

YES is the answer to this, as long as the voltage is the same, for example if your laptop requires 45W of power then you can use a 65W, 90W, 120W power supply, for example a Toshiba 45W adapter may have an input voltage of 19v 2.37a therefore you can use a 65W charger which has an output voltage of 19v 3.42a, The Amps can be increased as long as the voltage is the same., but you cant use a charger which has lower amps, as this simply wont charge your laptop battery and in many cases wont power on your notebook.

There are many different shapes of chargers, How can I be sure to get the right one?

There are 3 important aspects to take into account when looking or a new laptop charger. These are

  1. Voltage
  2. Amps
  3. Connector Pin size

All our charger product pages on our site list this information. You can check this against your original charger. The Voltage and Amps will also usually be printed on the bottom of your laptop and state input.

The pin sizes can vary all our measurement is measured as the outer diameter and inner diameter. Some will also state if they have a pin in the centre or a particular shape, for example some are micro USB or can be magnetic connector or even have 5 hole connector.

How long does delivery take on your items?

This depends on the delivery option that you select at checkout. All orders placed before 3pm on any working day, some will be sent after this time (Monday-Friday) are subject to the following delivery times.

International delivery see below.

Do you sent items to other countries?

Yes, we offer international delivery across the globe.

International orders can from 3 to 10 working days to be delivered depending on the location and customs.

If you want very fast 1, 2 or 3 day worldwide delivery service, then we can send at extra costs for a fast service, please email us with your name, address, (business name if applicable) and contact number, also for larger orders contact us for a delivery quote as royal mail is limited on weight.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we can accept purchase orders from established organisations, such as schools, colleges, universities, government services can all have credit on these orders,

We also accept purchase orders from businesses, but these need to be paid in full before dispatched.

All purchase orders can be sent to us via email to

Do you drop shop or offer white label deliveries ?

Yes we can drop ship, you need to contact us when making the order and or email us prior and we will not send any invoice or company markings the label for you.

Do you offer discount for bulk purchase of the same charger ?

Yes email us your desired charger and the quantity you are looking to take, discounts are available for 10x, 50x and 100x

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment methods for all orders placed online are via PayPal or Credit/Debit card via Klarna payment Gateway.

Telephone orders can be paid via Credit/Debit card or PayPal requests can be sent.

We can also Accept BACS payments from companies.

Can I return an item if I have ordered the wrong one by mistake?

Certainly! Simply contact us on and we can assist you in finding the correct charger also.

Any chargers returned to us that were ordered by mistake will be refunded as long as the item is in brand new condition and within 21 days. (No postage costs will be refunded)