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Dell Latitude 7420 charger

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Product Code : D22
Product Brand : DELL
Product Condition:   New
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Genuine Dell Latitude 7420 chargers, this is the 65w USB type C version, so supports the fast charge feature, all are original Dell Latitude 7420 ac adapters and include power cord and will charge this laptop as well as models that need up to a maximum of 65w of power, 90w version also available below for the top specifications within this laptop series.

Genuine Dell Latitude 7420 charger specification:
Connector type: USB-C (USB type C)
Dell power: 65W
Dell output voltage: 20V/15V/9V/5V
Dell output amps: 3.25A/3A/3A/3A/3A
Power input: 100-240V ~1.7A, 50-60Hz 
Dell part numbers: DA65NM170, 0JYJNW, ADP-65TDB
Dell compatible part numbers: HA65NM170, DA65NM170, 0JYJNW, ADP-65TDB and more to follow
Contents: Dell Latitude 7420 ac adapter and mains power cable with plug

  • Key points of the Dell Latitude 7420 charger
  • Genuine Dell Latitude 7420 USB-C charger
  • Auto switching voltage / amp
  • Very small Dell ac adapter
  • UK supplier with stock in the UK
  • Includes power cable

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The Dell Latitude 7420 charger includes battery charging ac adapter unit and mains power cable plug, however if you order from outside the UK, we will send your countries correct power cord.

Please note: This is the 65w version, if you have one of the higher specifications within this notebooks series then you will require the 90w version, this can be found below, if unsure either check your old or broken Dell Latitude 7420 charger or look underneath your notebook and it will state the Dell Latitude 7420 ac adapter input and if it says 65w this one is correct and if it states 90w, then you want the one below.