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Computer call out service 
Coywood Computers offers computer call outs to all of Scarborough and 20 mile radius. We have been offering call outs to home and business users alike since 2000. So if you need to us to fix a printer link, network, email, software or hardware problems then look no further as our competitive rates are worth the call to us.
No sales guys will come and sell you what you don’t need. A PC repair specialist equipped with spares and software tools and if it turns out to be a major fail, we can remove the PC or laptop and repair in our dedicated workshop and then quickly return when your computer problems are fixed.
Virus & Spyware problems
With so many computers now we see with spyware and virus problems.  We can recommend a good solution either the best of the free Antivirus versions in our opinion and experience or the best of the business and home user paid for Antivirus and spyware solutions. Long are the days gone, when protection was not needed and with all the personal infomation, accounts and banking infomation kept on home and business PC's and laptops, security should be always the number 1 concern.
Laptop or PC running slow ?
This is often caused now by so many toolbars, spyware applications additional speed up programs which have piggy backed on the back of downloads and a good clean out of of all these malcious files is needed. We can find all the unwanted and needed programs and files and quickly get your PC or laptop running back smooth again. But also due to all the added internet security, demanding software applications and windows updates. Often after these have been installed your laptop or PC will start to run slow. The memory installed in your laptop or PC, which before these changes was enough is sometimes often too small and a simply memory upgrade can fix this and make your laptop or PC quiet responsive again.  If we see this happen on site or in our shop we will recommend and quote you on more memory. As there is nothing worse than waiting for your PC to complete the simplest of tasks.
Not sure if you need a call?
If you are not sure if you actually need a Coywood PC specialist to come to your home or office. We have a retail shop with are dedicated PC and laptop repair and upgrade workshop. So we can fix your PC or laptop or if you would simply like a quote you can ring us 01723 377077 or you can email us on and we will be happy to help you.
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