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Asus W series chargers

Just click your Asus W series notebook charger model below; this will then take you to the correct Asus charger page, if your model is not listed then check the Asus laptop chargers by specification list at the bottom of the page and match the voltage and amp against the charger for Asus laptop you currently use. All Asus W series laptop ac adapters come complete with the battery charging unit and the mains cable plug and if you order before 3pm it will be sent on next day delivery. Allowing the smallest amount of down time for your notebook
Ac adapters for Asus W series notebooks:
Asus W1000 Chargers series
Asus W1Ga
Asus W1Gc
Asus W1J
Asus W1Ja
Asus W1Jb
Asus W1Jc
Asus W1N
Asus W1Na
Asus W1V
Asus W2000 Chargers series
Asus W2J
Asus W2Jb
Asus W2Jc
Asus W2P
Asus W2S
Asus W2V
Asus W2Vc
Asus W2Asus W
Asus W3000 Chargers series
Asus W3A
Asus W3J
Asus W3N
Asus W3V
Asus W3Z
Asus W5000 Chargers series
Asus W5A
Asus W5Ae
Asus W5F
Asus W5Fe
Asus W5Fm
Asus W6 Chargers series
Asus W6A
Asus W6F
Asus W6Fp
Asus W7 Chargers series
Asus W7E
Asus W7F
Asus W7J
Asus W7S
Asus W7Sg
Asus W90 Chargers series
Asus W90V
Asus W90VN
Asus W90VP
Still can’t find your Asus laptop charger?
Click your charger voltage/amp below and this will take you to the correct Asus laptop charger you need.
Asus chargers by output ratings
Asus 19v 3.42a laptop charger
Asus 19v 4.74a laptop charger
Asus 19v 6.32a laptop charger
Asus Eee pc chargers by output ratings
Asus 9.5v 2.315a netbook charger
Asus 9.5v 3.5a netbook charger
Asus 12v 3a netbook charger
Asus 19v 2.1a netbook charger
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