Apple USB-C charging cable white type C for use with 30w

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Product Code: AP9
Stock Status: Sold Out
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USB-C cable for connecting this USB-C charger to USB-C port or Thunderbolt port as called sometimes by Apple.
Type-C connection explained:
USB-C is a new connector shape generally released from 2015, the connector itself supports USB-C Thunderbolt, USB 3.1 and USD PD (Power Delivery) which allows power to be delivered to your device to charge, eventually the large USB type should disappear, as USB only delivers power one way and USB-C has the massive benefit of both ways. So the USB type C will become the industry standard and all many other form of USB micro, USB mini and USB used on phones, tablets and many other gadgets due to the size will now be able to house this small connection. So no more having five or more different size USB cables for your entire home and office devices, one cable will fit them all.
USB-C ports can support many different tasks with adapters that allow you to connect to displays via HDMI, VGA, display ports, DVI, so again one cable will do it all. This cable is designed for the Apple 29W plug and fits directly into it and then into your MacBook.
USB-C Cable specification
Model: Apple USB-C cable
Length: 2 Metre
Connection type: USB-C to USB-C
Colour: White
Cable packaged as shown in picture
Features: For use with a 29w power adapter to charge your MacBook computer

also available for the 29w plug or 30w plug is the lightning to USB-C cable which can also be found below and often to used to fast charge your iPhone or iPad.
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