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Apple MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" charger

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Product Brand : APPLE
Product Condition:   New
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Genuine Apple MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" charger fits this model as well as a wide range of MacBook Core M models, all of the models that support the Apple MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" charger are listed below, along with the full specification of the MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" ac adapter. This is the Apple MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" power adapter 29W plug which has a USB-C type connection, you can either purchase the plug on its own or at the bottom of the page you add the USB-C charging cable also. We are a UK company with UK stock, however if your order from outside the UK we will send your countries correct Apple plug.

Apple MacBook MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" charger specification:
Power: 29W
Output: 14V 2A / 5.2V 2.4A
Input: 100-240V
Connector: USB-C / Type C
Support model no: A1540, A1534
You will always be sent the latest model in stock.
Warranty: 12 months
Contents: Genuine Apple charger and plug.
(If you would like the USB-C charging cable, please add this below.) 

Compatible Apple MacBook Core M models:
MacBook "Core M" 1.1 12" (Early 2015)
MacBook "Core M" 1.2 12" (Early 2015)
MacBook "Core M" 1.3 12" (Early 2015)
MacBook "Core m3" 1.1 12" (Early 2016)
MacBook "Core m5" 1.2 12" (Early 2016)
MacBook "Core m7" 1.3 12" (Early 2016)

If you are can’t see your Apple MacBook Core M model listed or you are unsure if the MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" charger will fit your MacBook Core M, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Apple MacBook Corei7 1.4 12" ac adapters come supplied with the Apple A1540 battery charging unit with a free plug, however if you also require the Apple MacBook Core M power adapter extension cord or USB-C charging cable, this add be added below.