Advent laptop charger 19v 3.42a

Product Code: AV6
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: AV6
Stock Status: In Stock

Advent laptop charger Specification

Advent charger input: 100-240v

Advent charger output: 19v 3.42a

Advent charger pin size: 5.5mm * 2.5mm

Advent charger model number:

Advent laptop charger condition: Brand new genuine Advent / Lishin / Delta or Liteon

Advent laptop charger warranty: 12 months

Contents: Genuine charger unit and UK plug (Euro plug sent for European orders)


Advent charger compatible laptops

Advent 2250

Advent 2410

Advent 3300

Advent 3300B

Advent 3480 DVD

Advent 340S2

Advent 4470

Advent 4480

Advent 4480 DVD

Advent 5365

Advent 5365 DVD

Advent 5372

Advent 5372 DVD

Advent 540 DVD

Advent 5470

Advent 5471

Advent 5471 DVD

Advent 5480

Advent 5480 DVD

Advent 5490

Advent 6000

Advent 6001

Advent 6410

Advent 6411

Advent 6412

Advent 6412 DVD

Advent 6413

Advent 6413A

Advent 6414

Advent 6415

Advent 6415X

Advent 6415XP

Advent 6416

Advent 6417

Advent 6418

Advent 6418XP

Advent 6419

Advent 6419XP

Advent 6421

Advent 6422

Advent 6470

Advent 6480

Advent 6520

Advent 6521

Advent 6522

Advent 6551

Advent 6552

Advent 6553

Advent 6555

Advent 7040

Advent 7061

Advent 7061M

Advent 7063

Advent 7063M

Advent 7075

Advent 7082

Advent 7083

Advent 7085

Advent 7088

Advent 7096

Advent 7102

Advent 7201

Advent 7203

Advent 7211

Advent 7301

Advent 7302

Advent 8109

Advent K300

Advent Modena M100

Advent Modena M101

Advent Modena M200

Advent Modena M202

Advent QC430

Advent QRC430

Advent QT5500
Advent S100
Advent S150
Advent S200
Advent Tacto

Advent Torino X100

Advent Torino X200
Advent Torino X300
Advent Torino X400
Advent Torino X500
Advent Torino X600
Advent Torino X700
Advent Torino Z100
Advent Torino Z200


At Coywood we have a large range of laptops ac adapters for all ranges of laptop such as Advent laptop chargers. Please check your old Advent laptop charger or broken Advent mains adapter for the output rating as this is will tell you what Advent charger you need if your model is not listed above. You can check the quick links based on your Advent charger output rating, if you have lost your Advent laptop charger this rating is also displayed underneath your laptop. All Advent laptop chargers come with 12month warranty. If you are unsure you can either ring us or email us on and we will email you back with the correct Advent laptop charger or any other laptop charger you may need.


The Advent laptop charger is also known as the Advent battery charger, Advent mains adapter, Advent power cable, Advent power lead, Advent laptop ac adapter. Basically this Advent charger allows you to power your laptop on and or charge your battery.


All Advent laptop chargers ordered before 3pm are shipped same day on next day delivery.

To search for your Advent laptop, notebook or netbook by charger output click the correct voltage & amp link below:

Advent laptop charger output: 18.5v 3.5a

Advent laptop charger output: 19v 3.42a

Advent laptop charger output: 19v 4.74a

Advent laptop charger output: 19v 6.3a

Advent laptop charger output: 20v 2a

Advent laptop charger output: 20v 3.25a

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