Acer USB-C charger 65w

Product Code: DT20
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: DT20
Stock Status: In Stock

Genuine Acer 65W USB-C charger for charging ultra-thin notebooks and laptops, outputs 20v 3.25a with 65w of power and charges via the USB type C connector tip, for faster charging times and this will auto select the different voltage needed, such as 5v 3a, 9v 3a, 15v 3a or 20v 3.25a to a maximum of 65w of USB-C power, so due to USB type C technology it will charge devices needing 65w of power as well devices that need smaller ratings such as 45w, 33w, 27w and 15w.

Acer 65W USB-C laptop charger specification
Charger power: 65w

  • Power output range:
  • 5V 3A
  • 9V 3A
  • 15V 3A
  • 20V 3.25A

Part number: ADP-65SD B
Compatible part numbers: ADP-65SD B, ADP-65KE B, ADP-65WW, KP.0650H.019, KP.0650H.020, KP.0650H.021, KP.06501.017, KP.06501.024, KP.06503.020, KP.06503.024, PA-1650-58AD, PA-1650-58AT and more to follow.
Warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Acer USB type C charger 65w & power cord with plug.

  • Key points of this Acer 65W USB-C charger
  • UK Company with stock in the UK
  • Next day delivery available
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Free mains power cable cord
  • 12 months warranty as standard
  • Genuine Acer USB-C 65w charger

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If you order this Acer 65W USB-C ac adapter from outside the UK, we will send your countries correct power cord.

  • Connector type:
    USB-C (USB type C)
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