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Coywood is the right place where you can always find great quality laptop chargers, AC adapters and accessories at incredible prices.

We have a range of laptop chargers and other accessories that are compatible with all leading brands of mobile devices. Pick your laptop chargers and other accessories today.

Improved battery technology has enabled portable computers to be used for over 6 hours without charging, however these powerful battery adapters can occasionally malfunction or can be misplaced. When this happens your laptop is basically useless. We specialise in selling high quality genuine laptop chargers from well known brands such as Acer , Asus, Dell, Hp Compaq. Our UK customers have found that our products represent excellent value and, due to popular demand, we now ship across Europe.

Many laptop users tend to leave their ac adapter plugged in to a mains power socket for days or even weeks at a time. If you are one of these people then it is a good idea to remove the battery and reinstall it every few weeks. This applies whether you happen to use a Toshiba laptop charger, Sony charger or any AC adapter from any of the other mobile PC companies. It is important to remember that different makes and sometimes different models of laptop chargers from the same manufacturer may not only have incompatible power sockets, but also require a different voltage when they are put on charge. A 19v laptop charger could easily damage a machine that should use a 15v model so a universal laptop adapter is very useful. Here at Coywood we supply an excellent full range of ac adapters and connectors which cover all makes. Due to popular demand and the ever increasing product range we now stock Apple MacBook chargers with the stunning magsafe technology